Proceedings & Webinars

Proceedings & Webinars

Winter Workshop Proceedings
Dairy Beef Short Course Proceedings

Note: The Dairy Beef Short Course offers a classroom workshop on odd years and a tour on even years.

2019 Barn benchmarks for success 2019 Crossing beef bull with dairy breeds Improving conversations with your lender
2018 From field to bunk: growing and feeding dairy quality forages 2017 Marketing dairy beef: Realizing their full potential

Raising Dairy Replacements: Individual Versus Automatic Feeding Systems & Health Management for Pre-Weaned Calves

by Tina Kohlman, UW-Madison Extension Fond du Lac County

2017 Hot topics for cold days

Giving that Old Barn a Second Career

by Brian Dougherty, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

2016 What is your pregnant cow worth?

Beef Feeding Budget Tools and Benchmarks

by Bill Halfman, UW-Madison Extension Monroe County

2015 Raising your best calf ever