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Authored for Progressive Dairyman March 31, 2019

Bedding choice directly influences cow comfort, but the decision on which material to put underneath cows must consider several other factors, such as cost, availability, ease of handling, udder health, pathogen growth and more.

Use the following list of pros and cons to sort through the options for making the best beds on your dairy.

Organic bedding options

Compost bedding/bedded pack

A webinar will be hosted by I-29 Moo University at 12 noon on Friday, May 17 to review the Dairy Revenue Protection program and the Dairy Margin Coverage program. Presenters will included Marin Bozic, Assistant Professor in Dairy Foods Marketing Economics, University of Minnesota plus Josh Newton and Cassandra Monger, Compeer.

A dairy barn lighting webinar is scheduled for May 23, 2019 at 12:00 pm CST. The webinar is free and no prior registration is needed.  

Dr. Geoffrey E. Dahl from the University of Florida, Gainsville will focus on implementation of photoperiod management throughout the life cycle of dairy cows to improve productivity and health.  Specific areas of coverage include lighting recommendations for growing heifers, dry cows, and lactating cows, and some of the biology behind those recommendations.

Flooded pastures are a mess.  After water recedes, what needs to be done so recovery can occur?

First of all, be safe.  Who knows what might have been left behind.  Then, before doing any recovery efforts, alert local FSA and NRCS offices that you experienced this problem and discuss what assistance they may be able to offer.  Do this first!  You might be ineligible for assistance if you do work before receiving authorization.


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