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What a weather anomaly this year has been!  It started this spring with the bomb cyclone in March in the western part of Nebraska and the flooding on the central and eastern portion of the state from the rapid melting and rains.  Since then, much of the state has been wet or flooded.

As silage harvest continues and corn harvest begins, mycotoxin challenges and issues may arise.  Mold produce mycotoxins.  It is not the molds themselves that impact animal health, it is the mycotoxins that negatively impact animal health. 

What is DMC?

  • DMC stands for Dairy Margin Coverage. DMC evolved from previous dairy income support programs. DMC is a direct descendant of MPP-Dairy. Over its evolution, dairy policy has moved from certainty, set minimum price, to income risk that is insured by DMC.

Is DMC permanent?


As University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension faculty with expertise in dairy production and agriculture systems, we provide science-based programs, resources, and knowledge to Nebraska’s dairy producers. Our aim is to empower dairy operations to be both sustainable and resilient while maintaining profitability. Our ideas, actions, and communications will promote resource-based stewardship while enhancing human and animal well-being.

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