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Archived Newsletters

March 2019

  • FARM version 4.0 comment period
  • 10 simple amenities that will boost employee morale
  • 2019 Dairy Beef Short Course
  • Farmers can improve outcomes wiht a few decision-making tools
  • Workshops presented in Spanish at Central Plains Dairy Expo
  • Don't forget about heifers!

February 2019

  • 2019 Dairy Beef Short Course 
  • How logical is using male sexed semen when breeding beef bulls to dairy cows?
  • The dairy industry in 50 years
  • Managing to prevent mastitis in cold weather
  • 7 benchmarks for the best bedding quality
  • How did a poultry germ change to cause severe disease in calve and people?

January 2019

  • From one "dairy girl" to the next...
  • Is your parlor a bottleneck?
  • Cattle transportation updates
  • Ideas to reduce stress in 2019
  • WIDA annual meeting set for January 28

December 2018

  • Improving conversations with your lender webinar
  • 3 ways to express concern for your neighbor
  • Farm bill webinar set for December 27
  • Diminishing personal injury on dairy farms

November 2018

  • 2019 Barn Benchmarks for Success workshop 
  • Area ag lenders tightening up on loans according to survey
  • "Farming in tough times" meeting to be held December 7
  • Webinars now available

September 2018

  • Antibiotic stewardship: Product handling
  • Farm equipment, safety on the road, everyone's role
  • Manure pit death tragedy webinar

August 2018

  • Dairy farm stress webinar series available for viewing
  • Clinic to help NW Iowa livestock producers improve corn silage quality
  • Every dairy needs an employee handbook
  • Coaching for performance

May 2018

  • Water quality requirements for dairy cattle
  • Preparing to host a farm tour
  • Master hoof care program set for June 6-7
  • Minnesota Milk Summer Escape
  • I-29 Moo U annual call for sponsorship

April 2018

  • MMP update with Marin Bozic
  • February 2018 dairy budget
  • Consumers asking for cattle industry certification programs
  • Veterinarian update: Using pain control and anesthetics in food animals

February 2018

  • Apps help manage data for dairymen
  • Optimizing milk components is one key to maximizing profit
  • Impacts of the veterinarian feed directive (VFD) survey fo livestock producers
  • I-29 Moo U Dairy Beef Short Course Tour
  • So you need some extra labor force on the farm?
  • Animal diseases to know before you show

December 2017

  • Diminishing personal injury on dairy farms
  • I-29 Moo U Winter Workshop Series: From field to bunk: Growing and feeding dairy quality forages
  • Let's talk BQA assessments
  • Sampling feed for analyses (in Spanish)

November 2017

  • 2018 Winter Workshop Series 
  • Remodeling and repurposing a building for dairy production
  • Putting manure handling safety into practice
  • The newborn calf and colostrum management

October 2017

  • I-29 Moo University Fall Tour details
  • Steps for being a good ag borrower
  • Transition cow workshop
  • Finding characteristics of successful dairy farms
  • A look into today's dairy housing

September 2017

  • Reminders for cattle transport
  • Livestock disaster plans are needed in every county
  • Finding common ground with consumers
  • USDA farm income forecast
  • Siouxland dairy lenders seminar

August 2017

  • Using drought-stressed corn as forage
  • Mycotoxin considerations for weather-damaged feedstuffs
  • Forage fiesta field days in Beresford, SD
  • The temperature to thaw colostrum is just as important as the colostrum itself

July 2017

  • Strategies to maximize profit in your herd
  • Heat stress is a "profit robber" for dairymen
  • What's going on with US "ag gag" laws?
  • Fly population management on dairies

June 2017

  • How much is standing hay worth?
  • Water considerations for baby calves
  • Dairy robotics workshop
  • What's going on with US "ag gag" laws?

May 2017

  • Emergency preparedness on dairies
  • It is not just the ration - non-dietary factors affecting milk production
  • Cattle handling workshop hosted at Rosebud Sioux Tribal Ranch
  • Use your employee handbook!
  • Monitoring hygiene in calf feeding equipment (available in Spanish)

April 2017

  • Finding and keeping good employees - it can be done!
  • Farm animal antibiotic resistance and stewardship
  • Administering high quality colostrum in the newborn calf (available in Spanish)
  • Emergency preparedness on dairies
  • Hands-on cattle handling workshop: A recap from Beresford, SD

March 2017

  • 2017 Dairy Beef Short Course information
  • February 2017 dairy budget
  • Puerto Rican workforce development program
  • A guide written in Spanish: Dairy cow health and metabolic disease relative to nutritional factors

February 2017

  • VFD resources for my show animal
  • Dairy robotic milking systems - What are the economics?
  • I-29 Moo University conducts Winter Workshop Series