About Us


The I-29 Dairy Outreach Consortium, rebranded as I-29 Moo University in the summer of 2015, has been in collaboration since 2006. I-29 Moo University represents a collaboration of land-grant University Extension specialists from Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota and representatives from the dairy industry with complementary expertise and knowledge of dairy production and management in the region.


To enhance a sustainable dairy community along the I-29 corridor while providing resources and education to meet the growing demand for food through:

  • best management processes
  • utilization of research-based expertise and resources
  • ag-vocating the benefits of a vibrant dairy community


To ag-vocate for a sustainable dairy community through education.

Core Values

The core values of Collaboration, Empowerment, Integrity, Knowledge, Sustainability and Relevance have been exemplified through the programming efforts of the I-29 Moo University. Research-based programs exhibit public value, are community focused, delivered through prioritized efforts, accessible for all, conveyed through a collaborative effort and have evolved to meet the learning community needs.