November Dairy Budget

The November 2016 dairy budgets turned out more positive than October’s. Gross income for the 20,000 pound freestall dairy budget increased by $0.23 per cwt and feed costs rose $0.018 per cwt. All together that budget had a net gain of $0.19 per cwt for a positive return to management. Income changes occurred in lower cull income, $0.168 per cwt less, lower PPD income, $1.89 per cwt less than in October. More income came from better protein and butterfat test as well as higher prices. Income from butterfat rose $0.313 per cwt, protein income rose $1.74 per cwt and other solids income rose $0.23 per cwt. The 24,000 pound dairy budget saw a net increase of $0.20 per cwt for return to management of $1.84.