Post Dairy Month Blues

I’m not sure if everyone had a case of the Post-Dairy-Month-Blues, but I sure did for a while. A few weeks ago, we were in the midst of June Dairy Month. The best month of the year, right?? It was the month where I could ask boy with ice cream conemyself, “Do I really need another scoop of ice cream?” and reassure my wants with the simple answer of “Of course I do because I’m supporting America’s dairy farmers a little extra with another scoop!”. I may have maxed out on the number of ice cream cones I could eat in a month, but that’s alright because I was celebrating the dairy industry. But just because June had to come to an end, does that mean the celebration has to come to a halt, too?

Dairy farmers work hard every day of the year, not just in June. Doesn’t that mean we can support the dairy industry every day of the year as well and not just during Dairy Month? Of course it does!

So don’t get down when you think you can’t get that extra scoop of ice cream since June is over. We need three servings of dairy every day, and not just in June. Go ahead and eat that ice cream (or whatever dairy product you want), and know that with every bite you are supporting the hard-working dairy farmers who are supplying the nation with wholesome, yummy milk!