January 2017 Dairy Budgets

January 2017 dairy budgets net return to management increased by 29 cents/cwt compared to Dec 16 for the 20,000 pound freestall model while the 24,000 model saw a 42 cents/cwt increase. January feed costs were 17 cents/cwt higher but gross income was 46 cents/cwt higher. Total variable costs were 10.5 cents/cwt higher. All of this was the outcome from a PPD that rose by 1.08, protein price that was $0.5154 lower, and butterfat price $0.1899 higher.

 I have revised the budgets to reflect current replacement costs and current interest rates. Thus the new budgets for fixed costs are different than previous budgets. The change is small however. Fixed costs rose by $0.041 per cwt in January 2017.